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Vex 3 Game:

Vex 3 is the third part of the series adventure game which is very popular in the world - vex. Like its prequels Vex and Vex 2, this game was developed by Amazing Adam and released in August 2014.

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In this game, you also control a black stickman as two previous parts. Your mission is to travel through as many different terrains as you can. Vex 3 is designed with very simple graphics. Besides that, the game's control is also very easy. However, it isn't easy to overcome all Action in this game quickly at all. This game is really an interesting and worth-to-try flash game. It definitely brings you lots of moments of refreshing entertainment.

Pictures in Vex 3

There will be a lot of stages which you have to pass. And at each stage, there are a lot of challenges for you such as flying darts, incredibly fast spinning saw blades, the row of thorns, etc...They are so dangerous and you have to pass them skillfully.

Trophies in Vex 3

Trophies in Vex 3

In addition, the game also has Trophies which replace the achievement system. In the Trophies, there are 4 main sections include acts, hardcode, awesome stuff and completion with 39 goals for you to achieve in the game.

How to play Vex 3

You use the arrow keys   or button W-A-S-D to move the black stickman.

Vex 3 hacked, tips and tricks

If you are looking for vex 3 hacked or some tips and tricks to pass the stage in the game easier, let me tell you!

  • To climb up the walls, you jump from side to side.
  • The purple blocks are so weak, so if you step on them, they will fall down.
  • The orange blocks are the best suggestion for you if you want to jump super high into the air.
  • You should kick the wooden boxes to the required locations to use them as the platform to jump over some difficult locations.
  • In addition, you can pause/resume/restart and turn on/off the sound by clicking the button on the right of the screen.
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Vex 3 unblocked

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Now, it is the time for you to experience the game. Let start!

Vex 3 Walkthrough

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